Pear Panzanella Salad with Pistachios & Burrata - Chef Whitney Aronoff | Starseed Kitchen

Pear Panzanella Salad with Pistachios & Burrata

This recipe is not your classic, traditional Italian or Greek Panzanella salad. I’ve elevated the ingredients to make this salad a stand out starter or entrée for your next dinner party or meal prep.   What makes this salad extra special is using two different types of pears along with a golden white balsamic vinaigrette.   WHAT DOES PANZANELLA MEAN Panzanella is a Tuscan, Italian style of salad. It traditionally is made with anchovies, chop vegetables, salad greens, and bread pieces soaked in dressing.  Often this salad is made with green basil, white fresh torn bread, and red tomatoes, expressing the official colors of Italy.  HOW TO MAKE A PANZANELLA SEASONAL This healthy, plant-based version of Panzanella salad is designed to work with the season. I chose to make this for my clients using pears, but you can substitute the fruit for what is fresh and in season ...Read More